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Take control of a huge variety of mechanised war machines in all out war to prove that might is right, and that you are the greatest commander ever.

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Massive variety awaits - game modes, vehicles, maps, customisation and upgrades for you to explore and integrate into your battle plans.

So what are you waiting for? Join MASSIVE WARFARE and prove your military might!

Technical Details[]


Massive Warfare- Google Play Early Access Teaser

Name: Massive Warfare

Current Status: Google Play Early Access

Theme: Multi-terrain vehicular combat

Game Type: Twin stick shooter

Platforms: Android, iOS (later)

Game Modes: Deathmatch, Team, Domination, Kaiju Attack

Languages: English and Spanish (more later)

Dev Studio: Tiny Bytes

Wiki Pages[]


If you want to move around the battlefield and destroy your enemies then you're going to need something to do it in and some Weapons to do it with. You're also going to want to carefully choose the vehicle best suited to your particular play style and then Upgrade it to stay ahead of the curve. This page gives a list of sub pages with in depth information on what to expect from each war machine available, including their Class - a vital piece of information that determines what types of Terrain they can navigate, and how they will move while doing it.  


These are where you do your fighting. Each one has a unique layout, obstacles and Terrain elements to make use of in your battles. They unlock as you progress through the game, with each new map being more tactically complex than the last.  Each one also features Power Ups - which are invaluable if you find yourself pitted against more Upgraded enemies.

Game Modes[]

The basic modes are always available, while others are time activated. Each one has unique victory conditions, like capturing Domination points or fighting gigantic Kaiju. The more rare the mode, the more likely it is to have special rewards attached. Keep an eye on the events tab to see when your favourite will activate!


Make your vehicle unique!  You can give your vehicle your own specially chosen Camoflauge and Sticker combination so it looks the way you want it to.  These are not merely decorative though - the provide important Stat boosts to your vehicles which make them a more effective fighting machine and improve their Combat Strength


Want to simply nuke your enemies from a distance?  Want to instantly repair all battle damage and keep yourself in the fray?  How about call in automated defence turrets to defend a Domination point or an orbiting drone to repair damage?  Then you need some tech!

Massive Warfare is © Tiny Bytes 2016

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